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Trivia Addicts is a friendly and professional community of trivia fans from all over the world! We're the official community Discord of the r/hqtrivia subreddit and HypSports! Find new trivia games and chat with other trivia addicts!



Trivia Addicts is the official Discord server of the r/hqtrivia subreddit!


HypSports, a live trivia and action game show for sports fans.

FEL Trivia

FEL Trivia is a live trivia game show broadcast on Twitch, hosted by community member Felicity#1337!


Dyno is a community management bot that is perfect for your Discord server with a simple and intuitive web dashboard!


Discordservers.me is an in-depth discord server guide. You can easily create your own discord server listing, and find other servers to join!

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