Hello fellow Addicts, Noah here.

It's a sad week for Discord and Trivia Addicts. Sorry to keep you hanging – I wanted to try to give Discord a chance to make things right with us, and me. Around 6:45PM ET on January 17, 2019, our server of over 18,000 members was deleted by Discord without question or warning. From what I am able to gather, a false-report was sent to Trust & Safety by someone in the community, and they carelessly believed it and acted on it, disabling my account and irreversibly deleting the server we've all worked so hard to grow and make friends on.

I have come to learn the reason as to why the server was removed – for violation of the terms and service. Specifically, promoting and encouraging illegal activity, which all of the staff team and devoted members can vouch – was not occurring. We (the staff, myself included) have actively combatted this type of behavior and moderated against it almost every day. Since we no longer have the endorsement or support of Discord, we will not be reopening a new server at this time as many are suggesting. Even if we did have their support, I wouldn't be interested in doing so due to Discord staff's carelessness, irresponsibility, and lack of attention to detail. It seems any legitimate community on the platform is vulnerable to being completely wiped out with a few reports against it, whether they're true or not. I speculate that with all the bad going on in the community, Discord didn't think twice before removing us or potentially even look into the server to validate the report they received. It's unfortunate that our good cause and all of our efforts towards making the community a better and cleaner place go unnoticed by Discord as they recklessly tore down everything we've built.

I was personally a huge fan of Discord. It's very nicely designed, well thought out, and great for what it is. Unfortunately, with their staff destroying communities that play by the rules on a regular basis, they're destined for failure. It is completely unacceptable.

We started the server back in May 2018 to help work on some of the corruption in the trivia Discord community. There were dozens of servers (and still are) that did things that do actually break the terms of service of Discord, and doing unfair things to other people in the community. Some people running the servers were just greedy and only in it for the money, others were just flat out unprofessional, or worst of all – some were allowing and even promoting the discussion and use of hacks, bots, methods of playing on hundreds of devices simultaneously, and other ways of cheating and gaining advantage over everyone else in the trivia games we all played. We set out on a mission to end all of this.

Every dollar we ever received, we put back into the community via TA Live Trivia or via giveaway prizes to dedicated members of the community. We also donated to various charities over the last 6 months. The entire staff team set forth a high standard in combating unfair play, while being as fair and friendly as possible to members that did play by the rules. Admins worked in tandem with several of the trivia apps to clean things up and keep a healthy relationship between the trivia community (all of us) and the apps themselves. The result was a wonderful community where people simply played trivia games together and helped each other win with our collected knowledge. And in the off time, just had fun chatting and hanging out, playing mock-trivia quizzes, playing Skribble, listening to music, and just hanging out on voice chat. I think we made a major impact.

It’s honestly been a fun run, and I have no regrets. Even after being banned from Discord completely, it was still worth it to meet all you amazing people. After starting this community, I've learned that there are some really nice people out there – people that can all work together to accomplish great things. Collectively, we were able to raise over $250 for charity in just a few months – including donations to ShatterProof.org and Save The Children, and still give over $1000 back to the community via giveaways and fun games. It's been absolutely incredible. I would like to thank everyone that contributed to the community to make it as amazing as it was, including Matt – for all the hard work you've put into coding bots and TA Live – you truly made TA what it was and it wouldn't have been the same without you, staff – for the many hours of time put in managing the server and the fun times we've had working together, the sponsors – for being super generous helping to fund fun activities and allowing us to make charitable donations, our partners – for supporting us, believing in us, and giving us the roots to succeed, and of course, all the wonderful members that made up such an awesome community.

It's been an incredible journey. I have met so many kind and generous people through this experience. I know it's hard to ask – given the state of things before Trivia Addicts – but with our farewell, I want everyone continue to play fairly and remember to try to be fair to others. Don't let greed get the best of you. And, stay out of trouble. I will miss everyone, and wish you all the best!

Until next time, croissant –– out.


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